Know Me, Know You – Diaphragmatic Breathing

Learning to breathe correctly is essential for health and wellbeing and diaphragmatic breathing is an amazing technique in stabilizing and managing emotional disturbances and re-training your nervous system. The ability to connect and grow authentic relationships with our friends and family is essential for your health and wellbeing and learning deep breathing will actually help you develop closely bonded relationships.

 Diaphragmatic breathing activates the Vagus Nerve which is the longest nerve in the body and is connected to your heart, lungs and diaphragm. The Vagus Nerve releases a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine, which stimulates the growth and repair of nerve cells in your brain, boosts your immunity, reduces inflammation and makes you feel a whole lot calmer, Long, deep and controlled breathing reduces your blood pressure, improves cell function, and reduces the long-term organ damage. Find out more on how you can breathe deeply to live longer here …

This article is used as a general guide to better health and wellbeing.

It is not intended to replace medical advice.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or poor health we strongly advise you seek medical attention.

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