We Teach Schools & Families the Art of Mindfulness

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What We Do & Why

Families and Mindfulness

Our courses, workshops and retreats are focused on providing the skills necessary to develop an individual mindfulness and meditation practice. Our mission is to give everyone the gift of inner awareness, self-acceptance, mental clarity and peace of mind.

Kids that practice mindfulness are more intelligent

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Our Specialties

Kids That Practice Mindfulness

Perform Better in School

Sleep Peacefully

Are more focused

Feel less anxious

Think creatively

Are more compassionate

feel better about themselves

build lasting relationships

Have better self Awareness

Better Self esteem

are more intelligent

get sick less often

Meditation & Mindfulness

Just Breathe

Find articles. videos, blogs and activities for all ages.
Learn positive ways to impact your environment, change your brain by changing your thoughts, eat well to get smarter and breathe deeply to live longer.

1 in 4 children in Australia will suffer anxiety & depression at some stage by the age of 14¨ 

Reseach has proven that an effective mindfulness practice can have positive and lasting benefits and help reduce these statistics. We also know that kids who have a regular mindfulness practise perform better in school, are less anxious, more focused and feel better about themselves

¨ Black Dog Institute (Australian Mental Health Organisation)

What We Do & Why

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about learning to accept thoughts and feelings as a part of life. Being mindful means we have the power to pick and chose which thoughts are helpful and which are not.

Learning to be mindful will help you to understand that thoughts do happen, good and bad and that we don’t have to believe everything our mind is telling us.

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