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Horatio’s Jar

We create content, events, workshops and dialogue to communicate what we believe to be the most important things in life; the ability to know yourself, manage your emotions, navigate your mind and live in good health and happiness.


About Emily

Hi, I am the creator of Horatio’s Jar which is a unique communication platform intended to add value to peoples lives by providing them with sensorial escapes, philosophical guidance and inspiration to live well.

I combine my education in fine arts and philosophy, dance and eastern esoteric practices (yoga, meditation, oriental dance, eastern folkloric dance, and martial arts) with my vested interest in science, environment, health and wellbeing to create programs, events, installations and dialogue that are unique, intelligent, and inspire you to think differently.
See you soon x

‘ We believe In a world of limitless possibilities where you have the ability to be the master of your own destiny.
And just by changing the way you think you have the potential to change your life.’

‘Change Your Mind, Change The World’
– Horatio’s Jar –


Natural History – The Koala

Natural History – The Koala

Koala, now against their namesake of “no drink”, must descend from the trees to look for groundwater, putting them at risk of predation from dogs or being hit by cars. 

Big Feelings – Understanding Emotions

Big Feelings – Understanding Emotions

Emotions create feelings, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some big feelings and some small, there are over 35,000 different imagined feelings. Get to know more about your feelings, try this fun activity.