Prescription Sound – An Immersive Sound Healing Activity

Prescription Sound – An Immersive Sound Healing Activity

What To Do

Our inaccessibility to nature makes us all really sick, and the less time we spend in the natural world, the worse things are getting for us.

To counter the effects of a world not so well, I  am prescribing you – one dose of natural sound to be taken daily until you have access to your own patch of nature (or you tire of listening to this track and request I make a new one). There are others available on Youtube and Vimeo for free; follow the links.

These sounds and samples are collected from the natural world and transported to you with love.


You will need

  • Headphones on both ears.
  • Find somewhere quiet to go while you listen, or lay down before bedtime.
  • Try listening and relaxing to this track for one whole week
  • We will love to hear from you if you notice anything unique happening. 

Prescription Sound – An immersive sound healing activity

Our society has officially become an urban species, and by 2050 it is estimated that 75% of the entire world will live in an urban environment. The implications of life being removed from nature, and the remnants of the real world (the one we are actually from and not the one we are creating), being sectioned off into carefully manicured squares of lawn, smattered here and there amidst the empire of doom we are creating, is to be a harrowing thought.

But it’s the truth, and I am worried. I think of these things as I walk along the sullied banks of the very dirty Yarra River in Melbourne. Almost every day for the last three months, I have walled the overridden path that follows the curve of the Yarra to its bend. This tiny scrap of wilderness that clings to the cliffside that hangs below the road above has become my own little wonderland and a place I have found healing.


Hidden Treasures

High enough where people and dogs can not reach are hidden treasures tucked away in long weepy grasses. Spiders with silky doorways spot the cliff sides and hide underneath the exposed roots of old trees. Colourful fungi spring to life in little families hugged closely together after enough rain, and good green moss coats the high side of the hill, and it’s always wet. That’s because there is water coming out of the rock, and I don’t think anyone even notices that there is a natural spring right there?.

On the other side of the river is the backside of the brewery, and tank sized industrial machines rumble all day. The giant world of industry and manufacturing topple the sweet sounds made by tiny animals hiding in this minuscule corridor of green and the thick, sickly smell from the brewery coats the whole forest. Any scintilla of eucalyptus or blossom is stained by industry and filth, and it’s only after deep rain and public holidays that the air gets cleared enough to let the plants and animals breathe.

And yet, amidst the disfunction from one side of the river to the other, harmony can still be met – between two distinctly different worlds. Here on the opposing bank to the doom and gloom of the polluted world, there is life: important tiny life, and if you listen closely and patiently, sounds and songs of native animals and insects emerge. The joy and wonderment this tiny fractured landscape has given me can not be really measured; it’s an experience. And to give you a window in, I collected the sounds that I hear as I walk alone in the forest.

Knowing that the sounds and songs made in nature have the capacity to heal and transform the human mind and body, I hope that spending time listening to these carefully selected sounds will help you to feel a sense of wellbeing and sanctuary-like I do on my walks alone.


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The Nature Of Sound – Guided Meditation

The Nature Of Sound – Guided Meditation

The Nature Of Sound – A Guided Meditation

Duration – 4 min – 10 min

Mother Nature in all her wisdom provides us with everything we need to grow and thrive. The sounds made by the natural world are there to help tune the body to the frequency of the earth, the planets and the stars. A secret symphony that guides our health and wellbeing and leads us to connect with the spirit of who and what we are.

  • Develop your natural ability to self heal by listening mindfully to each and every sound as it is made and then dissipates. Allow your breath to be the invisible tether that keeps you connected to the present moment and to your body.
  • If you get lost come back to the earth where you sit and the beating of your own heart. Follow the songs of the natural world to find a prayer that is unique to you.

Ages 5+

Tips For Your Listening Experience

  • Find a comfortable position where you are not going to be disturbed and play the track from start to finish.
  • Listening with headphones will enhance your experience.

Read More On Natures Wonders Here.

“The relationship medicine men and women have with the natural world has taken millennia to evolve, and it’s a relationship sustained through custom, respect, and balance”… 

We are not responsible for any accident or injury you may incur from practising these activities.
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Mantra Part 1 – The Philosophy of Mind

Mantra Part 1 – The Philosophy of Mind

MANTRA – Part 1

The great minds of philosophy, science, mysticism and inquiry of past and present have acknowledged that the world you exist in and the experiences you have are of your own creation. The people in your life, your job, your mind, body and the places you live in are all designed by you. Your thoughts, actions, beliefs and behaviours are what shapes your reality and with the right insight and skills, you can develop your potential to design your own life.

By Emily Rack –
Realising you have the potential to reshape your existence is one thing, knowing how to do it is another, with so much work to be done where would you even begin?…

According to one of the great minds of modern psychology Carl Jung, the experiences, relationships, successes and failures that you encounter are deliberately created out of your own subconscious mind. The people in your life and the experiences you have are all a result of patterns of thinking and behaviour that impact the environment around you and what you see and experience is an extension of your unconscious self.

Another great philosophical mind of the 21st Century, Eckhart Tolle said his spiritual awakening arose out of the self-made statement – “I can not live with myself anymore”. He said this to himself in a depressive episode, and as he said it he then reflected on the statement and realised that ‘I’ and ‘Self’ were two separate things, and from there he was able to untangle his mind-made self, (the depressive suicidal version with the polarised negative outlook) from his true identity – which he calls the watcher or the awareness.

Eckhart realised that his whole reality was being shaped by unconscious beliefs and self-made dialogue and was all in fact fictitious. This meant every experience he was having was being generated out of his thoughts, including his identity and with that he transformed into the spiritual master we know today.

Mantra Part 2 …

Coming to realise that the thoughts in your head are not really your own and that they exist as a never-ending stream of consciousness means you have the potential to tune out of them at will. According to many great minds of science and philosophy, you attract the thoughts that you have based on the frequency or the energy you emit.

So from here, it would be clear that your very first step would be to discover what is in your mind, how to change the channel and discover where your energy goes. As
they say where your awareness goes your energy flows.

Until next time …

This article is used as a general guide to better health and wellbeing.

It is not intended to replace medical advice.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or poor health we strongly advise you seek medical attention.

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You Are What You Think

You Are What You Think

You Are What You Think

Did you know your thoughts are directly shaping your mind, body and your reality too?

We used to think our brain was unchangeable by the time we reached adulthood, but in fact, we now know the brain is plastic, meaning it is constantly changing, updating and upgrading itself. We also used to believe that our genes, the genetic information passed down from our ancestors to us would determine our lives, our health, and our success. But in fact, that is also not true, through the new science of epigenetics scientists are discovering that we can influence our genetics through our thoughts, actions, and experiences, overriding the DNA data that was handed down to us.

By Emily Rack

I Think, Therefore I Am

The way you think not only affects the way you feel and behave, it also has an impact on how you perceive your world and how you live in it. We know that thoughts are a part of our imagination and a lot of them are nonsense but it does not mean that they are not real things. Thoughts are like everything else, in reality, tiny packets of energy that exist in the form of waves. These tiny vibrational messages that we make when we think are unwrapped by our nerve cells which interpret the information and communicate to all our other cells.

If you are always thinking negatively you are programming your cells to be negative too. Negative thoughts stimulate the release of chemicals and hormones that make you feel tired, sick, angry, and upset. Negative thinking doesn’t just make you feel bad, it can limit your ability to learn new things, form relationships and think creatively.

Unfortunately, most of the thoughts you make are negative,  it is a survival mechanism that is built in and it is not your fault. Negative thoughts take center stage in our minds because we learn better from our mistakes than our achievements and the brain is trying to make sure we stay on track. The main goal for all this negative feedback is to keep you from making the same mistakes in your future that you made in the past, so your mind is caught in a loop, of nearly the same thoughts every day.

If you are stuck in a negative loop you are more likely to feel low in energy, angry, irritable, foggy in the mind, lonely, fatigued and you will get sick more often. Negative thoughts can influence our decisions and our experiences making it seem as though life is a bit of drag.

The good news is with the power of positive thinking you can completely reprogram your cells and rewire your brain. Every 2 months your cells renew themselves so with persistence and positivity you can begin to take control of your mind and body. Of course, you are not going to be able to delete every negative thought in your mind, that is impossible, but what you can do is add new thoughts that are meaningful and positive.

The conscious practice of thinking positively is a way for you to reshape your own mind and change your reality, Consciously thinking, saying and doing positive things will help to boost your immunity which means you will get sick less often, will encourage the growth of new neural pathways in your brain; which means you get smarter and change the chemistry and electricity of your brain and body; people will find you more attractive to be around, you will make more friends and new opportunities will arise as you broaden your perception and experiences in life.

Rearrange Your Brain

If you want to change your life, start by changing your thoughts.

If you have lived a lifetime unaware of your thoughts it is going to take time to rearrange them, here are 3 tips to rearrange your brain.

1. Make a New Routine

To begin reprogramming your system start by making some time to write down some positive thoughts or things you are grateful for at the same time every day. Forming this new habit is important in rewiring your mind the actual doing is a big part of a restructuring, so repeating this exercise at the same time each day makes a massive difference.

2. Be Kind To Yourself

Say things that are kind to yourself, be encouraging, gentle and compassionate. Remind yourself of the things you are good at and also the things that you like and the people that you love. Be less judgemental; When you judge others you are limiting your understanding and experiences of life. 

3. Show More Gratitude

Positive changes can also be made by thanking people more, saying thank you shows that you have good manners, but it also makes people feel like you value them. Another good tip is to make a conscious effort to complain less or blame other people for your bad moods. 

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