Facts on Frogs – Fun Kids Poster

Frogs are our distant relatives. Having lived on the earth for 250 million years, these adaptive vertebrates were the first to bridge land and lake and marked the beginning of animal evolution on land.

Frogs are an important emblem of nature; they represent the finite balance and health of the planet. Sensitive to toxins, climate change, habitat destruction, pollution and predation, the decline or extinction of frogs species indicates disease in all other areas of the biosphere.

The natural world and its abundance of rare and gorgeous creatures are fast becoming natural history. We are hurriedly trying to capitalise on the last remaining sanctuaries of rare creatures, plants, microbes, fungi, insects, reefs and wilderness  – documenting and synthesizing natures wonder market, where compounds and chemical used in pharmacy – are only now coming to attention as we lose time.


Will Frogs Outlive Us All?

Frogs have lived and thrived on mother earth for 250 million years, dwarfing the timeline of nearly everything else living in today’s biosphere – excluding dragonflies, sharks (450 million years), and cockroaches. With such a robust history of survival and the tenacity to thrive through millennia of changes, frogs everywhere are now going extinct.

A species of incredible endurance and mythological status, amphibians such as frogs, salamanders and lizards and crocodiles, outlived the dinosaurs, meteors and the ice ages to greet humanity onto the earth’s stage some short time ago.

Frogs and toads are incredible little creatures, their diversity and habitats just as broad. Frogs live on every continent except Antarctica and live in almost all environments, including arid deserts with no water and in places that turn to ice in the winter.


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