Glow in The Dark – Below the Midnight Zone

The Midnight Zone is a place of eternal night. 3300ft below the ocean’s surface is where no light from the sky reaches, and the sea pressure is immense. Life still exists in the dark silent realm of the deep ocean, but it is not quite what you might expect it to be.

The Dark Night of Sea

There are places so dark on this planet that no light exists, places that are silent, secret and too far deep for humans to reach. In these eery places out of sight, live creatures and critters with features not quite what we are used to closer to the daylight. Alien bodies that hang about in the abyss with which tentacles of light extrude as cables reaching out into eternity, signalling to passers-by a possible place of refuge that will lead to a grizzly end.

Lovely Lights don’t always equal sweet.

Something is comforting and intriguing about the natural light emitted by fun and harmless looking things, liked wild fungi in the forest, glow worms in caves, and the universe of blue-lit phosphorescent plankton that turn the ocean into the sky along the coast of the Maldives.

But in the far depths of the ocean, where there is no natural light, there are critters and creatures not so sweet and cute that makes use of their lighting systems.

Watch the video to find out exactly what I mean …

The Film Below is Suitable for Kids 9+.

Some Supervision is recommended as there is biological information that may be too detailed for a younger audience.

Queen of the Night

There are places so dark on this planet that no light exists, where humans can not go, and living species that are far more curious and creepy than we ever expected to see bob and hang about, adrift in the aquatic night.

The Angle Fish is the ruler of the eternal darkness; her tensile illuminated lantern moves forward and back over a gauging mouth filled with nasty sharp teeth.


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