Grasshopper to Locust.

Do you ever have the feeling when dancing in a crowd with all your friend of being so happy that you could burst out of your skin, transform and grow wings?
You could be a Locust.

Locust and Grasshoppers are the same things.

Grasshoppers, the green guys with long hind legs and big buggy eyes that eat green plants and wreck rose bushes, are generally loners. In an overcrowded environment, something weird and unexpected happens.

With their larger bodies, softer, smaller wings, and often brighter, greener colour, the grasshoppers transform into robust, longer winged, armoured skinned and darker bodied creatures; designed for intercontinental travel and mass vegetation destruction.

Not so cute anymore!

 Serotonin Molecule

  • A feel-good chemical in humans that helps to regulate our sleep, mood and concentration
  • Deep breathing boosts serotonin in your brain & body—Sunshine directly into your eyes cues serotonin production.
  • Serotonin is a chemical that helps transform a grasshopper into a locust.


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