Mindfulness For Kids – 5 Minute Brain Break 

If you are struggling to stay focused for a long time, are starting to feel irritable and frustrated and you need a bit of boost to keep the good vibes flowing, then this activity is for you. It is a quick five-minute mindfulness activity that will boost your brainpower, enhance your creativity and keep you feeling calm and centred throughout the day.

Mindfulness is a word that describes many different skills and activities that improve our cognitive, spiritual and emotional experience. Mindfulness is in itself the experience we have through an activity like deep breathing, relaxation meditations and yoga. This activity is designed to stimulate the brain and bring energy and vitality back into the body as well as improving concentration and internal visualisation.

Hot Tips for Your Mindfulness Practice

  • I would recommend learning this activity first and practising it a few times in a row until you get it.
  • Practising a few times each day boosts the effects of this simple technique.
  • Mindfulness is cumulative – which means the more often you practice the more noticeable the effects

This article is as a general guide to better health and wellbeing. It is not intended to replace medical advice. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or poor health, we strongly advise you to seek medical attention.
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