Koala – ‘No Drink’

Now a rare and endangered species of marsupial, the koalas spend their days in the treetops of the eucalyptus tree, eating and sleeping; and up until recently, rarely descending the safety of their arboreal homes to find drinking water.

The irony is – the koalas, with their namesake ‘no drink’, now need to drink; they are moving into backyards and public reserves to find water.

Please watch the film – now is the time to support changes to our Nature Laws.

Koalas have been here for over 25 million years.

We moved to this Island almost 300 hundred years ago and, in our short stint, wiped out more ancient fauna and flora than anyone would care to admit.
It seems the words, ‘Rare and Endangered’, or ‘Critically Endangered’ fall on deaf ears – it is as if we have accepted this to be a regular part of our reality, that everything native is meant to die, as long as we don’t, “She’ll Be Right”.


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