Prescription Nature – Natures Medicine Cures All

As our world moves further away from the natural and merges into the digital, the gulf between what we are and who we once were widened. Our animal self, our relative ancestry and organic life move toward the artificial and synthetic, and because of this, we are unwell.

The industrial world is eating the natural one. And we do not seem to understand the fallout from the giant global environmental nightmare.
Our disassociation from the natural environment is a major contributor to every illness you could think of almost…

Nature Is Medicine.

“Yes. We have all heard the catch cry -‘ Nature is the best medicine’, but what does that exactly mean, and if true, how so?.

 It is a fact that almost every medicine available for the treatment of major medical illnesses like cancer, leukaemia and Parkinson’s are derived from nature. We take compounds from the wild and synthesise them into costly medicine. So, where did the knowledge of these compounds and drugs originate? Native medicine men and women. But that is another story.

This one is about nature being a salve to all that ails us and how she does it.


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