Mindfulness Incursions for Schools

Begin your journey into the world of mindfulness with our one-hour in school workshops

Meditation & Mindfulness

School Incursions & Workshops Grade 3+

We come to your school or community to teach what we believe to be the most important skills needed in life. In a 45min workshop, we guide students and teachers through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. We provide 3 very important and successful skills in focus, awareness and relaxation.

Mindfulness teaches kids the most important skills in life; self-awareness, self-reliance, compassion, creativity, concentration and peace of mind.

What your students will learn

Deep breathing techniques

In this one-hour workshop, we discover the power our breath has to reshape our minds and bodies and learn that deep breathing is a form of mind control.

Deep relaxation

We explore deep relaxation and guided meditation introducing sounds and music to relax the body and the mind and explore our internal creative landscape.

How to increase focus

By learning to meditate we become the masters of our own destiny. We uncover how easy it is to begin a meditation practice and the impact it has on our concentration and mental focus.

Reflection & Integration

We reflect in our experiences in an open forum and troubleshoot obstacles that can arise when we begin to meditate. We answer questions and talk about the different ways mindfulness can be integrated into everyday life.

Did you know?

We have a 5-week course for schools who are ready to go ‘all-in’ and set their students up for a greater understanding of how to be mindful

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Booking?

Just click the link ‘Make My Booking’ and fill out your booking form. We will get back to you to confirm your details and answer any more questions you might have.

How Does The Course Run?

We come to you during school time to host your workshops. You select a day in the school week that works for you and we come to you.

How Long Is Each Class?

Each class runs for about 60min with a reset time between each for set up.

Kids With Special Needs?

Our course is designed to include everyone. We happily make adjustments where needed so everyone gets to have a wonderful experience

Can Teachers Participate?

Yes, we love it when grown ups join in.

Can I Add More Classes?

If 2 workshops are not enough you can add extra classes to your booking.

How Many Kids In Each Class?

Smaller classes always wor best.
The Maximum is 25