I am remaining in wonderment of life.

When was the last time you just laid out on the grass and watched the sky? Allowing yourself the freedom to let go into the subtle sensations of the world that surrounds you and let the smell of fresh grass and sweet air filter out the quick thoughts of the day gone and the one to come?

Daydreaming – as it infers is the art of dreaming while up and awake in the daylight. Before the time of the mobile device and infinite files of movies, sitcoms, reality shows and Netflix series, we had time to wonder about things without the impulse to search the answer on google.

Ideas and thoughts slipped about, in and out of our thought stream and the ones of importance would catch in our net, and later we might keep it in mind. We had an awareness of our surrounds, cars on the road, wind in the trees and the laughter of kids playing outside. These days the ambience of life is drowned out by podcasts and playlists we listen to as we move along the timeline of the day.

Caught up in the endless rapture of an intangible world filled with opinions, options, ideas and solutions to a more abundant, luxurious and exacting life our humanity and identity become swallowed into an impulse-driven world. As we move into the intangible realm of online existentialism, we have forgotten our own experience. Not the curated life we manage through Instagram, or the social and cultural structure we exist in to give our lives meaning and quality – I mean the biological, spiritual and physical experience that we are. We seem so caught up on living our best lives, occupying a mindscape of influences that drive us to extinction we forgot how to live.

Life is short, and beauty is fleeting – the moment of bliss, solitude and self-assurance that can only arise in the moments of sincere bewilderment at the magic and the absurdity of life are to be treasured. Don’t let your life become a to-do list, a memory bank of every short story produced on tv or the interface of your smart device. Go out and look around, lay down and watch the clouds go by, the trees wilt and strain or the dirty storm clouds roll around and thunderous sky. Watch and wait for cracks of lightning, stars falling and for strawberries to grow.