The Milky Way – Our Galaxy of Stars

Our very own city of stars, 170,000 light-years

“From once we came, we shall return”.
Emily Rack

Which one Are We?

There are two main types of galaxies, the elliptical and the spiral galaxy.

We are supposedly a spiral galaxy. We can’t take a picture from space to prove it; it would mean we would have to travel 129,000 light-years to capture it. Meaning we would need to travel 100,000 years to cross it.

“In March 2019, astronomers reported that the mass of the Milky Way galaxy is 1.5 trillion solar masses within a radius of about 129,000 light-years, over twice as much as was determined in earlier studies, and suggesting that about 90% of the mass of the galaxy is dark matter.” ( From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

Where exactly am I?

The Milky Way Galaxy is our home, our own metropolis of stars, all 200 billion of them.

The Milky Way is one of the billions in the universe, and not all are peaceful and life-supporting. Galaxies are places of cosmic drama and unimaginable forces that play out the birth-death of reality. Our reality only exists because of sheer luck. A unique combination of chemistry and energy, intelligence and forces outside our understanding coalesced and gave life to the universe.

My Place amongst the Planets

A sky exploded with glittered stars and scintillating planets, flickering and twinkling on a blanket of deep interstellar indigo carpet.

Dusted with the shimmer of billions of galaxies, seemingly a fingers width out of reach, a milky, dreamy cloud of sparkling wonder – The Milky Way, my galaxy of stars.

This is my home, this is where I am from.


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