The Night Sky – There is so Much to Discover

The night sky is our very own library in the stars. The stars and planets, galaxies, and cosmic dust are our ancestors, mythically and realistically. You see, we are truthfully made from the dust of stars.

We first learned how to live in harmony with the earth by reading from the stars. The stars and the constellations that stayed fixed in the sky from the dawn of time were and are the keeper of records, time, history, and memories.

our people, before the written word, or even language, lived a life governed by the forces of nature and the cosmic maps. By reading the planetary guide we learned how to farm, how to read time, to navigate the world, and learn our place in it. The cosmos and our starry guides are what initiated the greatest of all human endeavors, our journey back to them is still our most triumphant. 

 All we have learned since the beginning of human existence until now – started in the stars. 

Orions Belt – The warrior in the night sky.

Orions Belt – is a very easy constellation to be viewed almost anywhere in the world. For us Down Under the best place to look is 45 ° North West – best seen on a summer night.


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