Heartwarming gestures of friendship and compassion are just around the corner, except they are not always what we expect and not precisely what we were looking for.

When you feel that there could not possibly be anything left to get excited over, something unexpected, sometimes absurd – and take you by surprise.

On a day not so long ago, sad feelings had settled in like a bad weather forecast. It felt that lately, too many things to count had gone wrong, not just for me, but for so many, and tears were beginning to be as regular as the rainstorms up north that were flooding the Riverina. On such a day when things felt heavy, blue and grey, I called my mum and broke into tears.

I was sitting on my wicker chair outside on the phone. My little plant-filled courtyard was a jungle-like haven of roughly potted plants and overhanging trees. While sitting in the quiet, trying to better my mood by chatting about things like tea and weather with my mother, something unexpected happened.

I was not three minutes on the phone when a tiny spider with enormous eyes popped up right next to my head. This speck of wonder sitting on the ledge of my garden wall – no bigger than a garden pea, instantly stopped my tears. And I told my mum I had to go, a something, a someone had just popped in. 

Who, whom, was this gorgeous spider lady? And how is it she seems to see me, really see me?? In a swift instance, the sight of the lady jumping spider had sent the blues away. And we sat in equal curiosity, eye to eye.

To be continued…


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