The Yogic Breath

The yogic breath is a breathing activity that extends upon the diaphragmatic breath.
Learning deep breathing which incorporates visualisation and rhythm helps to focus the mind, increase concentration and develop the ability to extend the length of the breath. 

In this pranayama activity, we move the breath from the lowest point of the spine to the highest point in six counts. The yogic breath is a deeply relaxing activity that helps to strengthen mind-body connection and trains you to stay focused and present.

To learn how to perform the Diaphragmatic Breath click here.

Tips and Tricks

  • After establishing a smooth and rhythmic diaphragm breath practice, begin to extend the length of your breath to a 3 part yogic breath. Once you are able to complete a 3 part breath then graduate to the 6 part breath.
  • Aim to keep the breath smooth and relaxed as you work your way up and down the spine.
  • This breath is best performed sitting or standing in a straight position with the shoulders relaxed and the spine straight.
  • Try this activity for at least 10 minutes for the best results.

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